Wednesday, July 16, 2008

As one of Ronee's gift accessories to go along with her purse I'm going to ATTEMPT to make an embroidered wallet. I say attempt because I've never made a wallet or embroidered before. It'll be entertaining at least. If it turns out well enough I may make one for Kayla and myself as well, possibly Tania too if she likes them. ^_^

As per my usual, I'm re-purposing something that is completely NOT a wallet. This genuine leather mini-skirt:

The lining is a dark denim fabric which I thought would also work perfectly as the inside of the wallet. With the semi-pattern I've drawn up so far, I might be able to eek four wallets out of the one skirt. At least, that's the plan. The plan for the embroidery is a line drawing of a running horse on the front and her heart tattoo on the back. I'll try to post photos of those later if I have the time. Wish me luck!

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